2015 Chinese Taipei Women’s Hockey League Opening GAME full Game VidEO

Women’s ICE HOCKEY League Opening Ceremony 女子冰球聯賽開幕

The 2015-2016 Chinese Taipei Women’s Ice Hockey League will drop the puck for the first game on Saturday, July 11, 2015.  The opening ceremony will take place at the Taipei Arena at 9:20 PM.  The ice hockey association has invited a professional cheer-leading team to pump up the players and fans.  We welcome everyone to come out and show your support for the female players and for women’s hockey.

2015-2016中華臺北冰球聯賽 – 女子聯賽」即將於這星期六(7/11)正式在台北小巨蛋副館開打。 開幕典禮將於7月11日晚上9:20PM開始,本會特別邀請著名專業啦啦隊為女子聯賽開幕增添熱鬧氣氛,歡迎大家蒞臨小巨蛋冰上樂園幫球員們打氣加油!!