2015 National Teams Tryout Format

A) 中華民國冰球協會認為-在訓練冰球員的理念裡-基本動作的發展是非常必要的。 因此我們參考國際標準球員發展的選拔模式.並結合加拿大考試的技巧設計了一個方式當作測驗評估的基本方法。 同時為了能夠提供給年輕的球員更進步的機會-我們建立了一個成功的系統 – 以基本動作的發展是需要有樂趣及挑戰為基本理念。 並在選拔過程中能讓球員了解基本動作的重要性.並同時激發出球員對基本動作的後續發展.最後再以一個客觀的方法並以最公平公正的方式來選出球員。

B) 選拔方式的目的:skills_combine_coahes_timing_player_640
1. 提供一個公平公正的評比給所有的曲棍球員。
2. 保證球員有公平合理的機會能夠進入國家代表隊。
3. 提供教練一個機會去了解每個球員的技巧與態度。
4. 很清楚的讓球員及家長了解整個評估過程中教練的期望與需要。
5. 從選拔過程中提供球員及家長了解自己的優缺點。

溜冰球員測試     守門員測試

The Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey Federation promotes the fundamental philosophy that skill development is necessary in establishing a successful program. The CTIHF also recognizes that skill development should be fun and challenging and at the same time provide opportunities for all youth and adult hockey players.  CTIHF has developed an objective selection method to be utilized in selecting its hockey teams in a fair and impartial manner, and at the same time encourage skill development. The selection criteria are based off of the Canadian Player Development Model which incorporates the Canadian Skills Test as a method of measuring and evaluating skill development and the SportTesting Standard Combine.

Objectives of Player Evaluation:
1) To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player’s total hockey skills.
2) To ensure that players have a reasonable opportunity of being selected to a team appropriate to their skill level as determined by the overall assessment method.
3) To provide the coaches an opportunity to select teams based on knowledge of each player’s skill and attitude.
4) To provide clarity and uniformity in the evaluation process so that players and parents are clear on the objectives and expectations.
5) To form teams to maintain balanced and competitive play where the athletes can develop and participate equitably and have fun playing hockey during the season.
6) To provide feedback in order to develop players.